Selected World War II Combat Interviews
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During World War II, the Army’s Information & Historical personnel conducted hundreds of interviews of troops immediately after significant combat events. The selected records included here pertain to the 7th Armored Division and to some of the units that were allied with them.

The units included thus far are:

The actions included in the records thus far are:
  • August 1944: Beaches to Chartres to Melun to Verdun, France
  • September 44: Verdun to Metz and the Moselle River, France (These are hospital Interviews, not combat interviews. Thus they also have information about August 1944.)
  • October-November 44: German attack at Meijel, Holland and vicinity, 27 Oct - 7 Nov 1944
  • December 1944: the defense east of and in St. Vith Salient, at Krombach, and at Manhay, Belgium
  • January 1945: the recapture of St. Vith, Belgium
  • March 1945: the Remagen Bridgehead and breakout
  • April 1945: the encirclement and reduction of the Ruhr Pocket.

All of these records are now available, many on

Links to Other Related Records Now Available

  • Northern France

  • Battle of the Bulge (the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign)

    • 7th Armored Division Presidential Unit Citation, St. Vith, Belgium, December 1944: Recommendation, Supporting Documents, Combat Command "B" Citation (Click here for information about this book.)

    • Boyer, Donald P. Boyer at St. Vith: Major Donald P. Boyer's "Personal Report: Narrative Account of Action of 38th Armored Infantry Battalion, 7th Armored Division, Battle of St. Vith, 17-22 December 1944" and "Notes - The Battle of St. Vith, 17-22 December 1944" (Click here for information about this book.)

    • US Army Armor School Research and Evaluation Division. The Defense of St. Vith, Belgium 17-23 December 1944: An historical example of armor in the defense. Fort Knox: Armored School. (Click here for information about this book.)

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