December 1944 World War II Combat Interviews
of the 14th Cavalry Group:
East of St. Vith, the St. Vith Salient and
the Defense of Krombach and Manhay, Belgium
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Two combat interviews of 14th Cavalry Group are included 7th Armored Division books.

7th Armored Division Headquarters, plus 4 other interviews (transcribed, annotated and fully indexed, with introduction) - Only available on Click here to order on
NOTE: While some of the interviews in this book cover both St. Vith and Manhay, the interviews related exclusively to Manhay and/or Grandmenil are in a separate book, immediately following this one.

  • 7th Armored Division - Ardennes Breakthrough: List of Interviews (2 pages)
  • Division Headquarters
    • Brig. Gen. Robert W. Hasbrouck, Commanding General (9 pages)
    • Col. John L. Ryan, Chief of Staff (3 pages)
    • Col. John L. Ryan, Chief of Staff (second interview, 3 pages)
    • Statistics from G-1 Section (1 page)
    • Lt. Col. Everett W. Murray, G-2 (2 pages)
    • Maj. Charles New, Assistant G-2 (2 pages)
    • Lt. I. Kornbloom, G-2 Section (1 page)
    • Maj. Werner J. Moeller, Assistant G-3 (2 pages)
    • Capt. Walter A. Maxwell, G-3 Section Air Liaison Officer (1 page)
  • Additional interviews
    • Division Trains: Capt. Sam Plyler, former Cl III, now Cl. II officer, Division Trains (4 pages)
    • Division Artillery, HQ & HQ Battery: Pfc. Edwin Charney; Pvt. Edmund J. Winiewicz (2 pages)
    • 14th Cavalry Group: Capt. Henry H. Williamson, Assistant S-2 Officer (3 pages)
    • 147th Armored Signal Corps: Sgt. James W. Duncan (2 pages, 1 map)

Manhay and Grandmenil, Belgium: 7th Armored Division and Other Units (38 pages, 2 maps (plus map in introduction); transcribed, annotated and fully indexed, with introduction; staple-bound 8 1/2" x 11" pages with no cover $25)
NOTE: This book is interviews exclusively about Manhay and/or Grandmenil. There are intereviews in the other books that include Manhay and/or Grandmenil which are not included in this book.

  • Division Headquarters
    • Capt. John E. Kennedy, Assistant G-3 (2 pages)
    • Major Charles New, Assistant G-2 (1 page)
  • Other 7th Armored Division (Organic or long-term attached)
    • Lt. Gerald Reeves, Company "A", 40th Tank Battalion (1 page, 1 map)
    • Sgt. Paul Abbott, 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion (1 page)
  • Other
    • Manhay Timeline (compiled by T/3 Linnell Jones, 4th Information & Historical Section) (6 pages)
    • Capt. Franklin P. Lindsey, Jr., CO of Troop "B", 32nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 14th Cavalry Group (3 pages, 1 map)

Links to Other Related Records That I Have Transcribed, Indexed, and Published

  • Battle of the Bulge (the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign)

    • Boyer, Donald P. Boyer at St. Vith: Major Donald P. Boyer's "Personal Report: Narrative Account of Action of 38th Armored Infantry Battalion, 7th Armored Division, Battle of St. Vith, 17-22 December 1944" and "Notes - The Battle of St. Vith, 17-22 December 1944" (Click here for information about this book.)

    • US Army Armor School Research and Evaluation Division. The Defense of St. Vith, Belgium 17-23 December 1944: An historical example of armor in the defense. Fort Knox: Armored School. (Click here for information about this book.)

    • Selected World War II Combat Interviews.

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