December 1944 World War II Combat Interviews
of the 7th Armored Division:
The St. Vith Salient and Defense of Krombach, Manhay, and Grandmenil, Belgium
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The following records and interviews were created in December 1944 - February 1945, covering the Battle of the Bulge (the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign) actions of the 7th Armored Division in

  • the defense of St. Vith, Belgium (17-21 December)
  • the defense of Krombach, Belgium (22-23 December)
  • the defense of Manhay, Malempré, and Grandmenil, Belgium (23-30 December)
  • the defense of Baraque du Fraiture (known as “Parker’s Crossroads”) (18-19 December)

The actions in the St. Vith Salient include Vielsalm, Poteau, Rodt, Recht, and other towns within the “fortified goose egg” defense. Some of the records also relate to Stavelot and to towns to the west of the Salm River.

Additional books on 7AD in the Defense of St. Vith are included in the links at the bottom of this page.

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