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Last updated: August 18, 2008 - What's New?
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Association Bylaws

  • 2008 Reunion [External Link]
  • 2007-2008 Association Officers
  • 2007 Association Award Honorees
  • Web Site Continuity

  • Officers elected for the 2007-2008 year at the 2007 Reunion

    • President - Ed Kaminski (C/38)
    • First Vice President - Calvin Boykin (Rcn/814)
    • Second Vice President - Sam Sharpe (HQ Co/48)
    • Treasurer - Ed Burke (C/38)
    • Secretary - Cheryl Higley (Daughter HQ Co/38)
    • Directors
      • Bob Montgomery (A/38)
      • John Althuizen (B/23)
      • Ray Benoy (HQ/CCA)
      • Jim Hopkins (Division G-3)
      • Ray Duke (A/77)

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    Honors Awarded by the Association at the 2007 Reunion
    The following were presented by Sam Sharp, Awards Committe Chairman
    (He gave additional remarks on some awards, which I recorded and will add here once time allows.)

    Exceptional Award

    General David A. Petraeus
    For Exceptional Service to the Nation and to the Association

    Combined Arms Center, Ft Leavenworth, Kansas.
    Video report on Events.
    FM 3-24 Counter Insurgency.

    He served in important assignments in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia and is now serving as military commander in Iraq. General Petraeus has developed the principles of counter-insurgency and effectively employed them in Iraq gaining great success in current operations. His reports of his military judgement to the Committees of Congress were presented professionally, competently and effectively despite rude opposition. General Petraeus deserves the thanks of the President of the United States, the people of the United States and hereby receives the accolades of the 7th Armored Division. Association of which he is a distinguished member.

    Hall of Fame

    Charles Helbig (CCA)
    Hall of Fame for his consistent and dedicated service to the Association as past president and board director.

    Jack G. Sandford (HQ/31 and 147)
    Hall of Fame for his consistent and dedicated service to the Association as multiple past president

    Certificates of appreciation

    William Bell (Nephew C/40)

    For giving valuable assistance to the history of the Association by making 64.5% of 7th Armored Division General Order transcriptions for a total of 673 pages

    James E. Hopkins (Div Hq)

    Service as Association Treasurer, Certificate of Merit for his long-term loyal and valuable service as Association Treasurer providing valuable advice and protecting and increasing funds of the association.

    Niek Hendrix (Ospel, The Netherlands)
    (Son of Harry Hendrix who donated land for a memorial to members of the 7th Armored Division)

    Niek encouraged the participation of the association in assisting the memorial, assisted the planning and accomodation and visitation of members of the association to Weert and Ospel, The Netherlands, at the memorial and dedication in 2007.

    Hans J. Wijers (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

    For service to the association as a representative at the Museum and site of the battle of Overloon, The Netherlands.

    Wilco Krul (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

    As representative of the 7th Armored Division in the Netherlands by presenting wreaths and memorials at the U. S. Military Cemetery near Margraten, Limburg Province, The Netherlands

    Raymond C. Benoy (HQ/CCA)

    For his excellent and demanding efforts in guiding the selection of leaders of the Association by heading the Nominating Committee.

    A plaque and gavel were presented to outgoing President Robert Montgomery.

    Honorable Mentions

    In addition the Awards Chairman stated that others that did not receive awards but have given significant service or have received previous recognition included:

    • Gert and Don Ketchum
    • Neil and Nancy Chapin
    • George Weidman
    • Wesley Johnston
    • Charles Barry
    • Cheryl Higley
    • June and Tom Hopkins
    • Berna Sharp
    • General Bill Knowlton and Peggy
    • Ray Duke
    • the directors of the Association
    • the Color Guard from the 11th Transportation Battalion, Ft.Story, VA.

    Some have been missed but all get our thanks.

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    Web Site Continuity

    Recent intimations of the mortality of the web master led to decisions that will be pursued to assure that the web site does not vanish if something happens to the web master.

    • Short Term

      A committe of three (Ed Kaminski, Ed Burke, Wesley Johnston) was created to set up a web account that would be paid for by the Association. The existing web site would be migrated to this new space, and appropriate changes to the by-laws would be made. Thus the now-unofficial web site will become official, and the web site address will change, once this is implemented.

    • Long Term

      There is also a long-term concern that the Association's and all other World War II unit web sites contain a wealth of information that deserves indefinite preservation. The Military History Institute and the National Archives were both contacted but basically replied that it was not in their mandate. The Library of Congress Veterans' History Project really seems the appropriate place to have a cyber-space bookshelf on which these unit web sites should be maintained. Wesley Johnston will write an article about this, which Charles Barry will print in the Workshop News, so that members can contact their Congressmen, if the LOC VHP also determines that WWII unit web sites are not in their mandate.

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