Unit History Report and Awards of
3967th Quartermaster Truck Company (Negro)
Battle at Samrée, Belgium
December 20, 1944

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Unit History [for 1944]
3967th Quartermaster Truck Company
(document dated 9 February 1945)

This is a segment of the 1944 Unit History Report of the 3967th Quartermaster Truck Company, attached to 7th Armored Division. The report is now in folder 26 of Box 22713 (Quartermaster QMCO-3950-0.1 to QMCO-3967-0.1) of Record Group 407 (Adjutant General’s Office) at National Archives II in College Park, MD. The complete text of the full report can be viewed on the 7th Armored Division Document Repository.

(d) Stations

Salmchateaux, Belg. 17 Dec 44 85 [miles] 18 Dec 44
Samree, Belg. 18 Dec 44 12 " 20 Dec 44
Marche, Belg. 20 Dec 44 25 " 22 Dec 44

(g) Battles

In the "Battle of the Bulge", the enemy temporarily cut the main supply route from Trains to the combat elements of the division. It was during this time that the Germans threw small arms, mortar, and artillery fire into the company bivouac area at Samree, Belgium After being under fire for five and one half hours, this unit was finally forced to evacuate, and did so without loss of a single vehicle. As the convoy moved out down the road, the road was shelled; when it reached Dochamps, about one and a half miles from Samree, a mortor barrage was laid on the town, causing one casualty from this company.

(i) Losses in Action
(1) Engagement- Battle of the Bulge
(2) John W. Fullman Jr., Died of Wounds.
[T/5 John W. Fullman, Jr. (32 485 042) was wounded and died later that day (20 December 1944) of his wounds. He was from Sussex County, Delaware. He is buried at the Henri-Chapelle, Belgium US Military Cemtery in section C, row 2, grave 25.]

Awards Made to Men of 3967th Quartermaster Truck Company
for Actions on 20 December 1944

These are entries from the noted General Orders of 7th Armored Division, issued on the dates shown. 7AD GO #22 (21 January 1945)

I. AWARDS OF BRONZE STAR MEDAL: By direction of the President, and under the provisions of AR 600-45, as amended, and Circular No. 2, Headquarters First United States Army, 4 January 1945, the Bronze Star Medal is awarded to:

Private First Class (then Private) Volmer A. Grant (Army Serial Number 39274383), Quartermaster Corps, 3967th Quartermaster Truck Company, United States Army, for distinguishing himself by meritorious service in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States in Belgium, on 20 December 1944. Entered the military service from California.

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