Overloon, Netherlands Monument to
George Renda and Aloysius Gonsowski
Company C, 48th Armored Infantry Battalion
7th Armored Division
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(photos thanks to Sieb Wilmsen, who found their remains in 1977)

The monument was erected October 10, 2009 by Workgroup Monument George Renda and Aloysius Gonsowski: Sieb Wilmsen from Overloon, Niek Hendrix from Ospel, Joost Evertsen from Maarssen, Hans van Toer from Deurne. A ceremony was held November 8, 2009 to dedicate the monument.
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Monument Inscription and Directions

Inscription: Op deze plek werden in februari 1977 de lichamen gevonden van 2 Amerikaanse soldaten van het 48th inf bn 7th armored division. / George J. Renda / Aloysius Gonsowski / Beiden gesneuveld op 5 oktober 1944

Translation: On this spot, in February 1977, the remains of 2 American soldiers were discovered from the 48th Inf Bn 7th Armored Division. / George J. Renda / Aloysius Gonsowski / Both killed on 5 October 1944

Directions: Take Oploseweg west out of Overloon. Turn left at Crooijmansweg and then a quick left at Kamphoefweg (first 200 meters is dirt road). The monument is at the next road junction (Roosendaalseweg) south of Vredepeelweg.

Coordinates: 5133'49.69"N, 555'14.48"E

News Articles about the Monument

"Ons Eigen Erf" Overloon Newspaper October 14, 2009
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"De Gelderlander" web site October 15, 2009
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Photos of the November 8, 2009 Ceremonies
Received from Piet Peters
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Meijel Photo
Niek Hendrix Speaking - Photo is of George Renda
Meijel Photo
Son of Sieb Wilmsen, after laying flowers
Meijel Photo
"Lucky Seventh" re-enactor laying flowers
Meijel Photo
All who attended - Sieb's son holding another photo of George Renda
Meijel Photo
Niek Hendrix & Sieb Wilmsen & "Lucky Seventh" re-enactors
Meijel Photo
"Lucky Seventh" re-enactors with accurately restored vehicles

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