Dedication of the Ransdaal, Netherlands
Memorial Plaque for Richard Knott
Nov 27, 2008
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Memorial Plaque for Richard Knott

The committee of Dutch citizens that created and erected the memorial plaque was:

The ceremony was held November 27, 2008, on the 65th anniversary of the death of Richard Knott on November 27, 1944. Committee chairman Niek Hendrix unveiled the large photograph of Richard Knott. The United States 7th Armored Division was represented by Marvin Moser, veteran of the 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion, who attended the ceremonies with his granddaughter Emily. Marvin Moser unveiled the memorial plaque. Richard Knott was killed accidentally in the house of the Brull family. The Brull family, who still reside in Ransdaal but at a different home, was represented by Hubert Brull.

Dutch citizen Ben Savelkoul has created an excellent Dutch language web page about the ceremonies. For an English translation via Google, click here. (The translation translates the Brull family name as "roar" -- so read BRULL when you see "roar".)

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