Overloon, Netherlands Monument to
U. S. 7th Armored Division Dead
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7AD foreign-national veterans Hans Jansen (left) and Albert van Leeuwen immediately after unveiling the monument.
Hans Jansen served in the Reconnaissance Platoon of Headquarters Company of 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion.
Albert van Leeuwen servied in the 31st Tank Battalion.
(photo thanks to Kees Stravers)

On September 27, 2008, a new monument was dedicated at Overloon, Netherlands, as a memorial to the many men of the U. S. 7th Armored Division who died in the immediate vicinity from September 30 - October 8, 1944. This web page provides information and links to learn more about the men who are remembered by this monument and about the monument and the dedication ceremonies.

Dedication Ceremonies
September 27, 2008


Committee Monument 7th Armored Division Overloon
Correspondence address:
Peter J M van de Pasch
Meester Henckensstraat 22
Mail: p.v.d.pasch@planet.nl
Tel: +31478649008 +31654661909
Monday 1 September 2008

To all members of the 7th Armored Division Association
Dear members,

It is an honor and a privilege to announce the dedication of a Monument in honor of the 7th Armored Division at Overloon in the Netherlands. The Monument will be erected at the Museumplein at Overloon in front of the Liberty Park. The committee has been working on this project for six months and is proud to let you know that the monument will be unveiled on the 27th of September 2008 at 15.00 hours. The monument will be a tribute to the soldiers of the 7th Armored Division who paid the highest price for our liberation. The committee would like to invite all members of the Association for this special day.

Best regards,
The Committee: Niek Hendrix, Peter van de Pasch, Hans van Toer, Piet Peters, Herman Dinnissen, Harry Beckers, Henk Alders

Programme Dedication Monument Overloon
In memory of the 7th Armored Division

14.00 hours reception VIPís and guests
15.00 hours Ceremony begins
15.15 hours Unveiling of the Monument
15.30 hours Laying of the wreaths
15.50 hours Fly-by Royal Airforce of the Netherlands
16.00 hours end of ceremony

The Ceremonies
Account by Niek Hendrix

Left to right: Niek Hendrix, U.s. Military Attaché Col. Stimson, veiled monument
(photo thanks to Joost Evertsen)

I just came back from the dedication of the Overloon Monument for the 7th. What a huge success. More then 750 people showed up!! We had sunshine all day and it was GREAT. Hans Jansen and Albert van Leeuwen unveiled the monument. What a great recognition for the 7th armored. ... With this dedication we really put things right. We were interviewed by radio stations, newspapers, local newspapers ... The monument is something else. It is beautiful, I can tell you. A real tribute to the 7th. At the end of the ceremony 4 F-16's of the Royal Airforce flew over in the missing man formation. The plane that went up into the sky was flown by Colonel van de Mast, the commander of the Volkel Airbase.


Click here for the many excellent photographs taken by Kees Stravers, of the Dutch group "Lucky Seventh" who faithfully restore the vehicles and portray the 7th Armored Division.

I received a great many other wonderful photographs, which I unfortunately am not able to post.

Remarks Delivered by Niek Hendrix for the Committee

Dear guests, Dear American friends,

Sixty four years ago, 220 Americans were killed during the battle of Overloon. The only thing we can do is to honor them and to remember them. It is my strong belief and that of the Committee, that we as a free Dutch people have the solemn obligation to honor them. And if we fail we are truly lost. We can never repay them and we can never repay all those families who lost their loved ones.

Like General Eisenhower wrote in the Golden Book at St Paulís cathedral in London, after the liberation of Europe:

Here we and all who shall hereafter live in freedom will be reminded.
That to these men and there comrades we owe a debt to be paid.
With grateful remembrance of their sacrifice.
And with the high resolve that the cause for wich they died shall live.

God bless you all,
Thank you very much

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