Vittonville, France Memorial to
13 Men of 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion, 7th Armored Division
Killed in the Liberation of Vittonville September 1944
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Last updated: November 13, 2017 - What's New?
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On September 16, 2017, a new memorial was dedicated in ceremonies at Vittonville, France, as a memorial to 13 men of the U. S. 7th Armored Division's 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion, who died in the combat to liberate the town. This web page contains information about those ceremonies.

The plaque reads (in English) as follows.

In memory of the American Soldiers
of the 7th Armored Division
Liberators of Vittonville in September 1944

23rd Armored Infantry Battalion

Pvt. Harry M. ALGER - 21 years
Pvt Thomas E. ANDERSON - 26 years
Tec 5 Lee O. CARSON - 31 years
Pfc Kyle McKey GALYEAN - 24 years
Pvt Orlan Oven HATFIELD - 21 years
Pvt Joseph L. MAURIZIO - 20 years
Pvt Enrest MILLS - 20 years
Tec/Sgt Henry L. Jr MISCHLER - 30 years
Pvt Peter M. NEBELSKI - 35 years
Pvt Frederick R. SAYLES - 28 years
Pvt Charles W. SHAFFER - 33 years
Pvt George F. SIGSBEE - 33 years
Pvt Roy V. SULSER - 33 years

In recognition of their sacrifice
for the French people and for Liberty

Dedication Ceremonies - 16 September 2017
And Honoring of Graves - 6 October 2017

Here are some of the 32 photos of the dedication ceremonies taken by a photographer of the newspaper L'Est Republicain and provided by Jean-Marc Samson.
Click here for the PDF file of all 32 photos.
Click here for PDF file of 65 more photos, including ceremonies at US Military Cemetery at St. Avold 6 Oct 2017.
Click on an image to see it full size.
vittonville Photo
1 - Unveiling by Local Children
vittonville Photo
2 - Site of the Plaque
vittonville Photo
3 - Citizens
vittonville Photo
4 - Young Citizens
vittonville Photo
5 - Mayor Boris Theilmann
vittonville Photo
6 - A Nos Liberateurs
To Our Libertators
6 Oct 2017 St. Avold
St Avold Photo
1 - Students from Lesméils school from
villages of Bouxières-sous-Froidmont,
Champey-sur-Moselle, Lesménils & Vittonville
6 Oct 2017 St. Avold
St Avold Photo
2 - Flags & Flowers at graves of
7 of the 13 men on the plaque

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