Dedication of Memorials at
Nangis, Maison Rouge, Provins and Vulaines-les-Provins, France
to U. S. 7th Armored Division Dead
August 2014
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Nangis Maison-Rouge Provins Vulaines-les-Provins
Monuments at Nangis, Maison-Rouge, Provins and Vulaines-les-Provins

Ceremonies were held 27-31 August 2014 to dedicate the following memorials:
  • Nangis - Earl D. Applegarth (CCB) [Already have memorial to John L. Wood (A/23) and William P. O'Rourke (Med/23)]
  • Maison Rouge - William R. Hall (A/23), Constantine E. Wasiak (A/23)
  • Vulaines-les-Provins - Donald L. Nazworth (A/434), Richard J. Egan (A/23), James P. Bost (A/23)
  • Provins - Clifford L. Gardner (HQ Co/31), Joseph A. Hergott (HQ Co/31), George H. Hein (A/31)

Photographs of the Ceremonies
Thanks to Daniel Blandin

Senator Mayor Michel Billout in dark suit with red, white and blue sash

Mayor Sascino with red, white and blue sash


In top left, Daniel Blandin speaks, with US Air Force Lt Gefrau attending.

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