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Images of Yank: the Army Weekly
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Toward an Accurate & Complete Record of the 7th Armored Division

It is often said that "those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them". But if what is considered to be "history" is not accurate, then the lessons supposedly learned are not the lessons of history, and the suffering will be repeated. While you can come to the study of history with a hypothesis, you must be willing to alter or abandon that hypothesis if the accurate record proves that hypothesis to be wrong. If you are coming to "history" with a pre-conceived notion and seeking facts to confirm that notion and to attempt to force-fit the historical record to conform to your preconceived notion, then you are not seeking the truth of history, and you will not learn the lessons of history.

Images of Yank: the Army Weekly

The collection of images is very much incomplete. However, there are many issues. The vast majority are from the post-war reprints of the British edition.

Each issue is in its own folder, which contains (1) a PDF file of the complete set of images for that issue and (2) the TIF files of the individual half-pages. Each of the 24 pages has two images, a for the top and b for the bottom, since the pages are too large for most scanners to fit the entire page into a single scan.

Click here to go to the top-level folder with the images of the Yank issues. Each edition of Yank is listed separately. So first click on the edition that you want to see. Then click on the folder for the issue that you want to see. Then click on the link to the PDF file of that issue.

Thanks to Marvin Moser, veteran of the 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion, for providing the British edition reprint issues.

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