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Introduction to Image Files
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Toward an Accurate & Complete Record of the 7th Armored Division

It is often said that "those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them". But if what is considered to be "history" is not accurate, then the lessons supposedly learned are not the lessons of history, and the suffering will be repeated. While you can come to the study of history with a hypothesis, you must be willing to alter or abandon that hypothesis if the accurate record proves that hypothesis to be wrong. If you are coming to "history" with a pre-conceived notion and seeking facts to confirm that notion and to attempt to force-fit the historical record to conform to your preconceived notion, then you are not seeking the truth of history, and you will not learn the lessons of history.

This is an introduction to the image files in the 7th Armored Division Document Repository. The main Document Repository web page contains links to transcriptions of some of the image files. Transcriptions allow searching for specific words, so that those records that have been transcribed are best searched first from the main page's transcriptions, which will then allow you to identify the specific pages you would like to have images of, so that you can then find those images. However, most of the image files have NOT been transcribed, so that it is also worth browsing the folders to see what image files there are, since these do not show up on the main Document Repository web page.

On this page, the first section gives the folder structure of the web site folders, with links to browse those folders, since there is much more in the image files than is described on these web pages.

The second section gives links to a number of web pages that give more detailed information about specific types of image files, as well as links to those image files.

Folder Structure

There are two main folders:

  1. AV: Moving Pictures, Audio Clips
    The audio-visual files are arranged by the file name. See the web page on moving pictures for more details.

  2. Still Images: Still Pictures, Documents, Maps and Overlays included with Documents
    The still image files are arranged in the following sub-folders.

Many of the After Action Reports and other documents are transcribed on the main 7th Armored Division Document Repository web page. The best way to search for something is to search the text in the transcription, so that you then know where to look in the image files to find the image of the original document.
Web Pages about Specific Types of Image Files

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