U. S. 7th Armored Division in the Korean War
?1951? - 1953
Division Band
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The following information was provided by Wallace Nolin (Wallyn71@aol.com).

Back in about 1995, I began to search for members that were in the 7th AD stationed at Camp Roberts, CA where the division was involved in basic training for individuals going to Korea. I was able to get from the NPRC in St. Louis copies of the 7th AD Band as follows (Click on each one to see the transcribed document.):

Monthly Personnel Roster 31 Jan 1952 39 members
Monthly Personnel Roster 31 July 1952 65 members
Monthly Personnel Roster 31 Jan 1953 53 members
Monthly Personnel roster 31 July 1953 47 members

Many members were on all four lists and I was the supply sergeant as the band unit, along with the rest of the division, was closed down in the fall of 1953 as the truce in Korea took effect.

Through the use of Switchboard software, I was able to locate, contact and confirm a total of 45 members, including individual addresses, phone numbers and life activities following their time spent with the 7th AD Band at Camp Roberts. Five of the 45 confirmed members that were on the band rosters above, had died, and I suspect, considering I am 78, that others have passed on since I was actively doing the research.

My first objective in doing the research, if I was able to locate enough of the fellows, was to organize some sort of reunion, but circumstances prevented that. I did get out a couple of newsletters that include information I had uncovered, but that was discontinued as well.

I continue to have an interest in looking into activities of the 7th AD Band during World War II, since you have the band listed as a unit, with nothing further included. But, I was never able to find if anything had been done on such a project. I could obtain personnel reports from St. Louis, but that would not tell me anything more than names, most of which would have died by now.

From the time I spent with the band at Camp Roberts, I do have formal pictures of the 7th AD Band, posed and marching along with several candid shots I personally took, or had taken of the band during parades and during concerts presented in various parts of California. We actively recruited from the ranks that came through Camp Roberts in basic training units, so you can imagine that the band had a mixture of about 65% drafted recruits with the rest regular army fellows. Our membership included many professional musicians as well as some who had not graduated from high school, but we had a monthly quota and some months were more productive than others.

Without getting specific on the fellows I did find, this is about all I have. If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to do the research into the WW II activities of the 7th AD Band. It would be virgin territory for me, something I would find interesting. . . . a band and it's activities during war time.

The director of the 7th AD band at the time I joined the unit in early June, 1952, was CWO Robert Horton.

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Korean War 7th Armd Div Band - CWO Horton, Director
1953, Director CWO Robert Horton

Wallace Nolin notes: "I was marching in the band when this picture was taken, and even though I remember it being taken, I'm not sure why, unless it was for some publicity shot. The director at the time this was taken was CWO Robert Horton, although he was not marching with the band, as he always did when we paraded. Mr. Horton went to Korea shortly after this picture was taken."

Korean War 7th Armd Div Band - CWO Holloway, Director
1953, Director CWO Kenneth Holloway

Wallace Nolin notes: "a posed, publicity picture taken sometime during the summer of 1953. The director of the 7th AD band when this picture was taken was CWO Kenneth Holloway, who is standing to the far left of the first row. He was there when, as supply sergeant, I helped close the unit out in the Fall of 1953 after the end of the Korean Conflict. From my search for former members of the 7th AD band, I can ID several of them in this picture. For what it is worth, I am in the front row standing right behind the large, 7th AD bass drum in the front row, 5 in from the right side. "

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