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23rd Armored Infantry Battalion
Deaths in Europe
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This page contains the photographs of members of 23rd Armored Infantry Bn who died overseas in World War II.
For the complete list of all 23rd Armored Infantry Bn overseas deaths, click here.

Spare a minute
to think
of the young who didn't grow up,
and how young they looked when they died,
and how no one will ever remember them looking tired and middle-aged
or even be bored by tiresome recitals of the time of their youth.

- - - - Russell Baker "How to Observe Dec. 7" (NY Times, Dec. 1965)

Please Help to Tell These Men's Stories and Preserve Their Memory!

PLEASE contact Wesley Johnston at the address below if you have any information on any 23rd Armored Infantry Bn man who died overseas (see the complete list), such as:

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  • information on any of these men's deaths
  • information on what platoon and squad they were in
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    So they will not be “Forgot”
    There is a word
    Which bears a sword
    It hurls its barbed syllables,—
    At once is mute again.
    But where it fell
    The saved will tell
    On patriotic day,
    Some epauletted brother
    Gave his breath away.
    Wherever runs the breathless sun,
    Wherever roams the day,
    There is its noiseless onset,
    There is its victory!
    Behold the keenest marksman!
    The most accomplished shot!
    Time’s sublimest target
    Is a soul “forgot”!
    ----- Emily Dickinson

    A Note for the Children of these Men

    The American World War II Orphans Network (AWON) is an organization created by and for those who lost their father in World War II. AWON has an annual conference and a newsletter filled with useful information. Click here to go to the AWON web page and find those who share your experience.

    If you have a better quality photo of any of these men, please contact me.

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    This page contains only those men for whom I have photographs.
    For the complete list of all 23rd Armored Infantry Bn overseas deaths, click here.

    Pvt. Woodrow Darius Andrus (39 472 183) - Company "B"
    Died November 10, 1944 of wounds suffered November 7, 1944 in vicinity of Ospel, Holland - Age: 28y 10m 13d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Blaine, WA - Buried at Woodbine Cemetery; Puyallup, WA Sec A Blk 6 Lot 8 Gr 1 (See Find A Grave information)
    Photo thanks to son Kenneth Andrus

    Pfc. Edward Anthony Angelo (32 227 653) - Company "A"
    KIA August 16, 1944 Chartres, France - Age: 29y 6m 5d
    MOS: 607 (Light Mortar Crewman) - Home Town: officially from Bergen County, NJ but actually Yonkers, NY - Buried at Brittany USMC (St. James, France) B-4-6
    Photo thanks to grandson Gary Goldstein

    Pfc. Floyd Harvey Cooper (34 904 328) - Company "A"
    KIA September 8, 1944 in the vicinity of Ars-sur-Moselle, France (probably in the bridgehead on the bank of the Moselle River east of Dornot) - Age: 33y 5m 18d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Pyburn, TN - Buried at Pyburn Union Church; Hardin County, TN
    Photo thanks to son-in-law William Weems

    1st Lt. Stuart Partridge Edson (O 467 449) - Battalion Headquarters
    DOW October 6, 1944 vicinity of Oostrum, Netherlands from wounds suffered October 6, 1944 in vicinity of Overloon, Netherlands - Age: 24y 3m 16d
    MOS: 2260 - Home Town: Arlington, MA - Buried at Brookfield Cemetery; Brookfield, VT
    Photo thanks to nephew Stuart Edson, thanks also to Patrick Mulders and Niek Hendrix

    Pvt. Theodore W. Erdman (36 838 494) - Company A
    KIA October 29, 1944 vicinity of Liesel, Netherlands - Age: 37y ??m ??
    MOS: ??? - Home Town: Sheboygan, WI - Buried at Margraten, Netherlands USMC K-21-1
    Photo from Sheboygan Press, thanks to Niek Hendrix who has Theodore Erdman's helmet

    Pfc. Louis Falorio (33 714 426) - Company "B"
    KIA Janurary 22, 1945 in vicinity of Born, Belgium - Age: 29y 3m 21d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Allegheny County, PA - Buried at Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, U. S. Military Cemetery; Section C, Row 12, Grave 37
    Photo thanks to grand nephew LTC (Ret) Vincent Bellisario

    Pvt. Lawrence G. Felch (36 972 967) - Company "A"
    KIA April 8, 1945 at location at or between Winkhausen, Germany and Arpe, Germany - Age: 23y 6m 25d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Holly, MI - Buried at Lakeside Cemetery; Holly, MI
    See also Oakland County, MI memorial web page for him

    Pvt. Harold Leroy Firestone (35 242 467) - Company "B"
    KIA September 8, 1944 at Moselle River at Dornot, France - Age: ??y ?m ??d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Columbiana, OH - Buried at Columbiana Village Cemetery; Columbiana, OH
    Photo thanks to niece Deborah Firestone-Hines

    1st Lt. James Otis Gomer (O-1 300 020) - Headquarters Company, Reconnaissance Platoon Leader
    KIA August 14, 1944 at Courville, France - - Age: 22y 11m 1d
    MOS: not known (possibly 1204 recon platoon leader) - Home Town: Poplar Bluff, MO - Buried at Brittany USMC (St. James, France) B-16-5
    Photo thanks to daughter Mary Gomer
    Click here for web page about his death and memorial plaque honoring him.

    Pvt. Carl Leonard Greenhaw (38 608 057) - Company A
    Died October 30, 1944 at 53rd Field Hospital #1 1/2 mile east of Heeze, Netherlands of wounds suffered October 29, 1944 vicinity of Liesel, Netherlands - Age: 28y 10m 24d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Stamford, TX - Buried at Highland Cemetery; Stamford, TX - Section 060 1/2
    Photos thanks to his son Hulen Greenhaw
    See also Find A Grave site

    Pfc. William F. Halloran (32 257 356) - Company C
    KIA September 9, 1944 in vicinity of Jouy-aux-Arches, France - Age: 24y 8m 14d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Jersey City, NJ - Remains never found and identified but very high probability that they are Unknown Hamm X-46 who DPAA disinterred 2016 but whose DNA DPAA has thus far failed to compare with DNA of the Halloran family
    Photo thanks to neice Trish Tweedley

    Pvt. John Martin Haroian (39 421 115) - Company C
    KIA January 24, 1945 vicinity of St. Vith, Belgium - Age: 19y 6m 22d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Fresno, CA - Buried at Ararat Cemetery; Fresno, CA - Plot 3, Lot 216, Grave 5
    Photo from grave stone by 7AD Historian Wesley Johnston

    Pvt. Orlan Oven Hatfield (35 072 132) - Company A
    KIA September 24, 1944 vicinity of Vittonville, France - Age: 33y 5m 1d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Harrisville, WV - Buried at International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery; Harrisville, WV
    Photo from Find A Grave site of Nancy Simmons Roberson

    Pvt. Orville N. Hodlin (42 091 929) - Company C
    KIA October 19, 1944 vicinity of canal east of Deurne, Netherlands - Age: ??y ??m ??d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: (Jefferson County), NY - Buried at Henri-Chapelle, Belgium US Military Cemetery D-1-23
    Photo thanks to Grandnephew Mark Aubrey, thanks to Joost Evertson who is the voluneer caretaker for Orville Hodlin's grave

    Pvt. Clinton W. Jenkins (34 891 979) - Company "B"
    KIA August 15, 1944 at Maroué, France - Age: ??y ?m ??d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Marion, NC - Buried at Hampton National Cemetery; Hampton, VA F-804
    Photo thanks to grand-nephew Maj. Robert Morgan

    T/Sgt. George Raymond Kapusta (35 300 176) - HQ Company
    KIA October 29, 1944 just north of Heitrak, Netherlands - Age: 29y 9m 2d
    MOS: 651 (Platoon Sergeant) - Home Town: Youngstown, OH - Buried at Netherlands US Military Cemetery (Margraten, Netherlands) O-8-4
    Photo thanks to nephew George Kapusta

    Pfc. James Robert Masengale (35 666 305) - Company B
    KIA December 22, 1944 "Body evacuated from vic. Crombach, Belgium, coordinates 814868, sheet 93, 1/50,000. One of three Americans buried in common grave." which is just north of the railroad cut due north of Crombach crossroads but also reported (Charles Brown, B/33, PDF p 47) as 820871 which is "about .6 miles northwest of Neundorf, Belgium in a wooded area" (See web page on Crombach recoveries.) - Age: 28y 3m 24d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Lexington, KY - Buried at Lexington Cemetery; Lexington, KY
    Photo thanks to nephew Steve Taylor

    Pfc. George Edward McClure (38 516 244) - Company C
    KIA September 1, 1944 on the south side of Exermont, France - Age: 19y 6m 22d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Jonesboro, AR - Buried at Epinal, France US Military Cemetery A-18-44
    Photo thanks to nephew David Pelletier

    Pvt. Joseph Oliveri (36 706 110) - Company "B"
    KIA September 8, 1944 nearing the Moselle River at Dornot, France - Age: ??y ??m ??d
    MOS: 745 (Rifleman) - Home Town: Chicago, IL - Buried at Lorraine US Military Cemtery; St. Avold, France G-10-38
    Photo thanks to greatniece Pat Nail

    2nd Lt. Sherwood James Reilly (0-1316964 - originally 32 243 382 before commission) - Headquarters Company
    KIA March 28, 1945 while leading his men thru a village - Wetzlar? Heuchelheim?, Germany - Age: 23y 3m 0d
    MOS: 1560 (AIB Officer) - Home Town: New Haven, CT - Buried at Beaverdale Memorial Park Cemetery; New Haven, CT
    Photo thanks to son Robert Sherwood Reilly

    Sgt. Clarkson A. Russell (31 241 290) - Company "A"
    Captured 22 Dec 1944 on high ground SE of St. Vith, Belgium; died 30 Jan 1945 as POW at Stalag VIII-A at Görlitz, Germany - Age: 34y 0m 0d
    MOS: 653 (Squad Leader) - Home Town: West Medway, MA - Buried at Ardennes USMC (Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium) Section D, Row 5, Grave 8
    Left photo thanks to granddaughter Lindsey Russell; right photo from his German POW Card

    Cpl. Robert J. Schutta (32 214 147) - Headquarters Company
    KIA September 11, 1944 in vicinity of Dornot, France - Age: ??y ??m ??d
    MOS: 744 (meaning not yet known - possibly Cpl version of 745 = Rifleman) - Home Town: Queens, NY - Buried at Long Island National Cemetery H-7906; Farmingdale, NY
    Photo provided to National World War II Registry by sister Helen Mortensen

    T/Sgt. George A. Selner (36 042 207) - Company C (2nd Lt. Hank Greene's Platoon)
    KIA September 8, 1944 in vicinity of Dornot, France - Age: 30y 0m 3d
    MOS: (Platoon Sergeant) - Home Town: Chicago, IL - Buried at Rock Island, IL National Cemetery D-259
    Photo provided to National World War II Registry by brother-in-law Gordon I. Gerbick

    Sgt. Stephen J. Shevlin (32 188 709) - Company C
    KIA August 24, 1944 during the skirmishes between Seine-Port and St. Leur, France - Age: not yet known
    MOS: 653 (Squad Leader) - Home Town: New York County, NY - Buried at location not yet known
    Left photo thanks to 2nd cousin Kristina Morgan; right photo by French citizen thanks to Pascal Bulois
    Click on photos for full image

    Pfc. Wilburn T. "Jake" Underwood (34 269 379) - Company B (S/Sgt. Giangrego's squad)
    KIA September 10, 1944 in the "Horseshoe Woods" bridgehead on the east bank of the Moselle River across from Dornot, France - Age: ??y ??m ??d
    MOS: 504 (Ammunition Bearer) - Home Town: (Jeff Davis County), GA - Originally on wall of the missing at St. Avold, France USMC but recovered 8 July 1988 - final burial location not yet known
    Photo thanks to the late Elizabeth Giangrego, daughter of S/Sgt Salvatore "Sam" Giangrego, Underwood's squad leader

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