23rd Armored Infantry Battalion, 7th Armored Division
Deaths in Skirmishes Between Seine Port and St Leu, France
24-25 August 1944

7th Armored Division
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Research for New Memorial

In 2017, French local historian Damien Andre began research for the future dedication of a memorial to the men of the 7th Armored Division killed or mortally wounded 23-26 Aug 1944 in the Seine Crossing at Tilly and at Seine Port and St. Leu. This web page compiles his photographs and information with information about these men.

The Soldiers Killed
  1. Pvt. John F. Burton (C/23) died 25 Aug 1944.
  2. Pvt. Richard S. Butz (Med/23) died 24 Aug 1944.
  3. Pvt. Robert D. Cook (C/23) died 24 Aug 1944.
  4. Pfc. Vincent J. Cygan (C/23) died 25 Aug 1944.
  5. Pvt. Peter Plasity (C/23) died 24 Aug 1944.
  6. T/5 Kenneth R. Sherman (Bn HQ/33) died 26 Aug 1944.
  7. Sgt. Stephen J. Shevlin (C/23) died 24 Aug 1944.
  8. 2nd Lt. Elofterios Stavros (B/48) wounded 24 Aug 1944, died 31 Aug 1944.
  9. Pfc. Tennyson R. Waldren (B/48) died 23 Aug 1944.

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Damien Andre Photos
The photos are in separate PDF files of one or more photos each.

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Damien Andre Links to other photos & information
Quoted text is from Damien. [Text in brackets by Wesley Johnston]
  • Ponthierry Birdge, destroyed 20 Aug 1944
    "This is the original bridge at Ponthierry, witch was destroyed by french army in june 1940, repaired by germans and destroyed again by germans the 20th august 1944.. picture is from 1944.
    "German soldiers, hearing tanks coming from Ponthierry thought they were US tanks coming.. and destroyed the bridge..
    "In fact, it was german panzers and units who wanted crossing Seine.. a lot of german units were traped on the other side of the Seine."

  • 36th Armored Infantry Regiment crossing the Seine on pontoon bridge at Tilly
    [This is an element of 3rd Armored Division, which took over the zone that included the bridge after 7th Armored Division had taken Melun. So this undated photo is probably from about 25 or 26 Aug 1944.]

  • Patton Crosses the Seine at Tilly, 26 Aug 1944
    "This is a document about general Patton and 3thAD who crossing the Seine at Tilly on 26th August."

  • Video of troops crossing bridge at Tilly
    "Look at this video, american troops are crossing the Seine on Tilly pontoon bridge. At the 3/4 of the video, it seems to me that a willys jeep has the 7thAD markings on the left of the forward bumper."
    [The jeep is at 2:21 in the video, and while it could read 7 with an armor triangle, I think it actually reads 3. This video is almost certainly from the same 25-26 Aug 1944 3AD crossing as the two immediate above photos. Despite the YouTube title claim that the vehicles were going to enter Paris, their objectives lay to the east and not to Paris.]

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