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Deaths in Europe
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This page contains the photographs of members of 17th Tank Bn who died overseas in World War II.
For the complete list of all 17th Tank Bn overseas deaths, click here.

Spare a minute
to think
of the young who didn't grow up,
and how young they looked when they died,
and how no one will ever remember them looking tired and middle-aged
or even be bored by tiresome recitals of the time of their youth.

- - - - Russell Baker "How to Observe Dec. 7" (NY Times, Dec. 1965)

Please Help to Tell These Men's Stories and Preserve Their Memory!

PLEASE contact Wesley Johnston at the address below if you have any information on any 17th Tank Bn man who died overseas (see the complete list), such as:

  • photos
  • information on any of these men's deaths
  • information on what platoon and squad they were in
  • know of any men who died but are not on the list
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    So they will not be “Forgot”
    There is a word
    Which bears a sword
    It hurls its barbed syllables,—
    At once is mute again.
    But where it fell
    The saved will tell
    On patriotic day,
    Some epauletted brother
    Gave his breath away.
    Wherever runs the breathless sun,
    Wherever roams the day,
    There is its noiseless onset,
    There is its victory!
    Behold the keenest marksman!
    The most accomplished shot!
    Time’s sublimest target
    Is a soul “forgot”!
    ----- Emily Dickinson

    A Note for the Children of these Men

    The American World War II Orphans Network (AWON) is an organization created by and for those who lost their father in World War II. AWON has an annual conference and a newsletter filled with useful information. Click here to go to the AWON web page and find those who share your experience.

    Since I am limited on space, these images are going to be small. Even at 3K each, 246 of them will take about 750K, which is almost half of the space I have available for all my web pages.
    If you have a better quality photo of any of these men, please contact me.

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    This page contains only those men for whom I have photographs.
    For the complete list of all 17th Tank Bn overseas deaths, click here.

    T/5 Bertram S. Butz (36 053 766) - Headquarters Company, Assault Gun Platoon
    KIA October 28, 1944 in vicinity of Neerkant, Netherlands - Age: 27y 4m 26d
    MOS: 736 (tank driver) - Home Town: Belleville, IL - Buried at Greenmount Catholic Cemetery in Belleville, IL
    Photos thanks to Niece Pat's husband Joe Merriman

    Sgt. William Wayne Crutcher (37 076 085) - Company A
    KIA April 4, 1945 in vicinity of Gröaut;bach, Germany - Age: 25y 6m 21d
    MOS: 651 (tank commander) - Home Town: Middletown, MO - Buried at Fairmount Cemetery in Middletown, MO
    See headstone at FindAGrave web site
    Photos thanks to nephew Steven Stegen

    Pvt. Ernest Eckard (33 179 797) - Company A
    DOW 1 October 1944 at 98th General Hospital at Newbury, Berkshire, Enland, of wounds suffered 19 September 1944 at Sillegny, France - Age: 34y 6m 1d
    MOS: 531 (Cannoner) - Home Town: Cumberland, MD - Buried at Cambride, England, USMC E-6-79
    Photo thanks to nephew Ronald Eckard

    2d Lt Charles E. Fairweather (O-1 019 188; entered service 25 Nov 1940 as 20 620 662) - Company D
    KIA August 18, 1944 at Ramobuillet, France - Age: 24y 4m 14d
    MOS: 1203 (Tank Officer) - Home Town: Waverly, IL - Buried at Normandy USMC (Coourville-sur-Mer, France) B-12-17; also has commemorative head stone at the Waverly East Cemetery in Waverly, IL
    Photo thanks to brother Delbert Fairweather via Francoise Winieska (author of "August 1944: The Liberation of Rambouillet, France")

    Tec 5 Charles Wendall Fisher (36 313 580) - Company C
    KIA March 29, 1945 at Wermertshausen, Germany - Age: 29y c9m ??d (need his birthdate)
    MOS: ??? - Home Town: (Jefferson County, IL) - Buried at Mount Catherine Christian Cemetery; Woodlawn, IL
    Photo thanks to buddy James Robert Fischer's son Robert Fischer
    See web page about action in which he was killed
    See headstone at FindAGrave web site

    Sgt. Raymond T. Loyd (36 312 940) - Company C
    KIA March 29, 1945 along Wermertshausen-Rossberg road just north-west of Wermertshausen, Germany - Age: 21y 9m 24d
    MOS: not yet known (probably tank commander) - Home Town: IL - Has never been recovered and identified: Memorialized on Tablets of Missing at Hamm, Luxembourg, US Military Cemetery
    Photo thanks to buddy James Robert Fischer's son Robert Fischer
    See web page about action in which he was killed

    Pvt. Aloysius James McLean, Jr. (36 042 935) - Company A
    Died as POW January 31, 1945 1-2 miles west of Stalag III-C, nearing what is now Szumilowo, Poland, after capture October 4, 1944 between two woods west of Kijkuit and north of Castle Hattert, east of Overloon, Netherlands - Age: 25y 6m 20d
    MOS: 604 (Light Machine Gunner) - Home Town: Morrisonville, IL - Has never been recovered and identified: Memorialized on Tablets of Missing at Netherlands US Military Cemetery (Margraten)
    Photo provided by Nephew Peter Millburg

    1st Lt. Elmo T. Olson (O-1 019 166) - Company C
    Died December 28, 1944 of wounds suffered on December 23, 1944 in vicinity of Crombach, Belgium - Age: 27y 7m 4d
    MOS: 1203 (?Tank Officer?) - Home Town: Bartlesville, OK - Buried at Memorial Park Cemetery; Bartlesville, OK
    Photo from FindAGrave web site
    Click here for his entry in the Oklahoma War Memorial.

    Pvt. Eulys Francis Slate (39 417 088) - Headquarters Company, Assualt Gun Platoon
    KIA December 20, 1944 at Samrée, Belgium - Age: 19y 11m 9d
    MOS: 504 (Ammunition Handler) - Home Town: Lindsay, CA - Has never been recovered and identified: Memorialized at Ardennes USMC (Neupré-en-Condroz, Belgium) Wall of the Missing
    Photo provided by Nephew Michael Haynes

    Pvt. Charles E. Wawrzyniak (35 111 736) - Company A
    Died October 4, 1944 as POW of wounds suffered October 4, 1944 at Overloon, Netherlands - Age: ??y ??m ??d
    MOS: (Cannoneer) - Home Town: Whiting, IN - Buried at Ardennes USMC (Neupré-en-Condroz, Belgium) D-9-11
    Photo provided by Joost Evertson of Utrecht, Netherlands

    S/Sgt. Robert Dukes West (6 345 808) - Company A
    KIA September 18, 1944 at Sillegny, France - Age: 35y 7m 3d
    MOS: (Tank Commander) - Home Town: Muscogee County, GA - Has never been recovered and identified: Memorialized at the Lorraine USMC (St. Avold, France)
    Photo provided by daughter Anne Anthony. Click here for her web page about him.

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